Standing together, fighting for Sheffield’s future

I’m Oliver and I’m asking for your support to become the next candidate, and the next MP, for Sheffield Brightside and Hillsborough.

I’m putting myself forward for this selection and asking for your support because I can’t simply stand by as this government destroys our NHS and the public services we all rely on, attacks the most vulnerable people in our society and fails to invest in our City or truly support us here in the North. The Tories are tearing at the fabric of our society and I’ll do everything I can to stop them. 

My priorities are clear.  I want Brightside and Hillsborough to be a more prosperous and safer place to live. I’ll fight for more opportunities for the next generation, with better jobs and more investment in our community and the essential services that we all rely on. And I’ll be a champion for our City in Westminster. 

The next MP for Brightside and Hillsborough will be standing on the shoulders of giants; Harry – all too briefly – and David Blunkett before him served this community with passion and with distinction. They are huge shoes to fill, but with your support I will work tirelessly to do justice to their legacy both here in Sheffield and in Parliament.